standard Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Cellphone


Most people used to be able to upgrade their phone every two years when they renewed their wireless contract. This isn’t always the case anymore, especially with prepaid plans which make you fork over a bunch of money upfront for a new phone. Your aging phone might seem like it still works, but it could be showing you signs that it’s time for an upgrade as soon as possible.

Sell Your Old Phone for Cash

When it comes to older phones, you may be thinking it’s impossible to sell my phone and get money for it. However, there are reputable services available that will give you an instant quote for the device, so it doesn’t hurt to see if your phone is actually worth something. While you might not get a ton of money for an old or broken phone, you still might get something for it, which can help you towards the cost of buying a new phone.

Physical Damage

One of the most obvious signs that you need a new phone is physical damage, such as a cracked screen. You might have also noticed that the photos you take with your camera phone don’t come out as great anymore, or you see lines in the pictures. This probably means you have scratches on the camera lens. If you have a very thin phone, like an iPhone, you might notice that it’s becoming bent over time. These are all signs that your phone has seen better days and it’s time to retire it.

The Battery Life Has Gotten Weaker

If your phone won’t even hold a charge until lunch time, then it’s a sign that the battery is becoming weaker. Batteries that can be recharged only have a limited number of times that they can be recharged. Most make it to around 500 charge cycles, some more and some less. There are apps that you can download that can show you the health of your phone’s battery so you can see how much life it has left.

It Runs Super Slow

One thing that can be really aggravating with an old phone is it runs at very slow speeds. Imagine something as slow as dial-up internet because that’s how slow a phone can get over time. There are so many things that can slow a phone down such as a large amount of stored cache, new software that uses more horsepower, bigger apps, and background processes. To prolong the life of your phone a bit longer, you can delete any unused applications and disable applications from running in the background.

It Shuts Down Randomly

You can be in the middle of something one your phone and your device randomly shuts down. This can be extremely frustrating and unavoidable. Once it randomly shuts down, it can take a very long time for the device to power back on again. This is a very big sign that your device doesn’t have much life left in it. Some of the most common signs of random shutdowns include bad apps, corrupted software, defective hardware, and a loose battery.

Your smartphone goes with you everywhere and it’s likely you use it for many things. If your phone is old, it’s probably becoming unreliable. To ensure you always have a working phone when you need it the most, it could be time to invest in a new one. If you have a contract plan, find out when you’re available to upgrade again or look for a company willing to purchase your old phone and give you cash for it.


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