standard Quick tip: Adjusting Screen Brightness on the Surface Book (keyboard shortcut)

I just can’t get over how beautiful the Surface Book is. Laptops shouldn’t be this pretty.

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If you follow me on Twitter (which you should) you might be aware that I’ve recently procured a Microsoft Surface Book, a device I’ve long admired and finally decided to pull the trigger on (the only thing keeping me this long was the pretty steep pricetag). One thing that had bothered me with the Surface Book was that there was no apparent way to adjust the brightness of the screen through the keyboard; the “Fn” shortcut on the keyboard which I assumed was for the brightness is actually for the keyboard backlight (which has several levels of brightness, as well as completely off).

20161009_121700However despair not because the screen brightness can still be adjusted manually through a hidden shortcut. After a bit of googling (and some binging), I found that there is indeed a shortcut to do just that.

To increase screen brightness: “Fn + Del”

To decrease screen brightness: “Fn + Backspace”

Why Microsoft chose not to put those shortcuts on the keyboard is beyond me, but thankfully they’re still there,

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  • drnemmo

    Had to look all over the internet to find this shortcut..