standard iOS 10 and the no good, up to nothing, super annoying notification bug


Very recently I did something I thought I would never do, I bought an iPhone; the iPhone 7 to be exact. This was brought on not because the iPhone 7 was so irresistibly appealing (HAHA), but simply due to the lack of other “good”phones. To summarize my 3 month old Galaxy S7 Edge was getting stuck every twenty minutes and became border-line unusable, Verizon replaced it for me but I figured I was better off selling the replacement and getting something else, enter the iPhone 7.

The appeal of the iPhone 7 was largely due to the fact that for years I simply believed that iPhone’s *just work*, so much that I consider it the main selling point of the devices. Sure the options are limited, the customization non-existent; but the apps are plentiful and everything… Just works.

img_0219Unfortunately it seems that’s not the case with iOS 10 and the new notification center which can’t seem to handle anything more than a dozen notifications at a time, or else it starts messing up  (as seen below).  When the notification center gets overwhelmed notifications begin to overlap, at what appears to be random, making some notifications un-dismiss-able as well as unclickable.

Even worse yet is that after hitting clear all, some notifications will insist on coming back a few hours later, so to cut this rant short… It’s a mess.

Unfortunately it seems even the iPhone with all of iOS’s glory has its fair share of issues, which Apple haven’t seemed to resolve or address yet. And yes, before anyone asks I have updated to the latest version and restarted my phone (several times).



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