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As a result of an increasingly hectic schedule both during and outside working hours, the demand for convenience among buyers has never been greater. In addition to this, as a result of customers constantly being on the move, businesses are increasingly making use of mobile apps to expand their customer base. With information and services readily available at just the click of a button, it has never been more important for apps to work on multiple platforms, with the opportunity to increase sales, improve customer experience and compete in a specific market all things that are easily achievable by utilising such advances in technology. The digital market has expanded so much that traditional companies without a web presence are suffering as those tech savvy businesses reap the benefits of the convenience culture.

There is no doubt that mobile apps can help to find and retain customers, with many now using the internet as a first stop when searching for a product or service. As a result, if your business is available online, it’s likely to become a consumer’s preferred option.

So many huge companies all over the world have taken advantage of such developments in technology, with global businesses such as Uber, Airbnb and Delivery Hero having established themselves as market leaders in their particular field thanks to mobile apps and a strong online presence. Having been founded in San Francisco back in 2009, Uber’s transport service can now be found in over 500 cities worldwide, with their business model now imitated by thousands of up-and-coming companies. Meanwhile, the food-delivery market has seen incredible growth over recent years, with Delivery Hero now one of the biggest names in an industry worth an estimated $10 billion. With over 300,000 affiliated restaurants across the globe, their UK brand Hungryhouse recognised globally, they are yet another example of huge app-based success.

The use of mobile apps is proven to assist businesses in achieving objectives in a whole host of areas, with marketing, sales and customer service targets having become relatively easy to achieve. Buyers are able to order products anywhere at any time, with the ease of such transactions helping to increase the likelihood of repeat custom. Interacting with customers through apps has also proved to be particularly useful for businesses and has thrown them right into the centre of a social media led world. All of these reasons combined make mobile apps one of the most powerful tools in the modern-day business sector and we’ve barely scratched the surface.  

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