standard The surprising best app for editing PDF’s with the Apple Pencil

IMG_2549My school requires that all students have an iPad with them for testing purposes, given that I purchased the iPad Pro. Not the gigantic 12 inch one, but the more reasonable 9.7″ version, and alter paid an exorbitant $99 to draw on the screen with a glorified stylus. This isn’t a review of the Apple Pencil, which while definitely over-priced is simply amazing to use, but rather of the best app to edit with.

IMG_2550Most of my course material is given out either as PDFs or PowerPoint presentations, my main focus when looking for a suitable editing app was the ability to use the Apple Pencil to make annotations (and highlight) on these documents. Unfortunately the Apple store is so full of PDF editing apps that finding the perfect one was overwhelming. To make things even more complex I also wanted an app that could access the course material and E-Books I stored on my OneDrive folder, edit them and sync these changes back to my PC; so I can have my notes where-ever I choose to study from (iPad or Surface Book).

I actually emailed and tweeted a few of the more popular app and even purchased a few to try out, namely GoodNotes 4. Unfortuantely the editing and importing/exporting documents was clunky and not very smooth. Surprisingly the best option for downloading, editing on the go and reuploading came from the first place I should’ve looked, the official iPad OneDrive app.

The OneDrive app includes a built in lightweight editor for PDF’s that can highlight, annotate and draw shapes, you can select the color, opacity and thickness of your lines and highlights, and of course erase your markings. Most importantly the Apple Pencil is fully supported, and makes drawing notes a breeze. And of course given that the app is OneDrive itself, downloading and uploading your updates is a breeze and instantly syncs over to my PC.

The only shortcoming I’ve found of OneDrive so far is that it doesn’t have handwriting detection (to search your hand drawn notes for specific words), but then again that’s not something I’d ever use.


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