standard 3 Plausible Predictions for the Smartphone Market in 2017

648471762c4bd6620367669b516dac97-1200-80The global smartphone market is one of the fastest growing ones today. Manufacturers are constantly seeking to penetrate new markets with handsets fit for their potential customers’ budgets and needs – this often leads to the release of area-specific products that perfectly fit regional requirements. The growth will be constant at a global scale but fluctuations are expected in specific regions of the globe in the coming years. Changes will occur in the usage of mobile phones, too. Thousands of new players are expected to go mobile with 7Sultans in the near future or choose other, convenient ways to keep themselves entertained on the go in the coming years.

Below, you’ll find a few plausible predictions about how the smartphone market might shift and change in 2017.

Market saturation in Western Europe and North America

According to CCS Insight’s predictions for the coming years, the smartphone market will continue to grow in the coming years – but this growth won’t be uniform. Sales will continue to grow in emerging markets but will peak or even decline in Western Europe and North America, markets that are already close to being saturated. This year, the sales are expected to peak, then start declining in the next.

“Unless we see a major new disruption similar to the one prompted by the iPhone’s arrival in 2007, we expect smartphone sales in Western Europe and North America to slowly decline after 2017,” Jasdeep Badyal, Analyst, Smart Devices and Pricing at CCS Insight said.

Mobile gaming will continue to grow

The market share of mobile games will continue to grow in 2017. Mobile has already overtaken PC and console games when it comes to revenues. Unless console makers come up with a revolutionary portable console, mobile will continue to dominate the world of portable gaming.

In the world of real money games, smartphones are set to gain much more traction. Gaming venues like the 7Sultans have gone mobile in 2012, offering cross-platform content to players all over the world. As the game library of the 7Sultans – especially the mobile one – will continue to grow, more and more players will abandon its desktop version for the 7Sultans Mobile.

Although these cross-platform real money games don’t show up anywhere among the above statistics, their contribution to the growth of the mobile gaming market is hard to be ignored.

Is 2017 the year of the mobile revolution?

Nokia announced the 6110, one of its most popular handsets, in 1997. A decade later, Apple’s Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone. Both of these were revolutionary in their own way. The Finnish brand’s handset was an example of durability (some units are still working today, 20 years after its release). Apple’s phone redefined the smartphone and contributed a great deal to the creation of the connected world we live in today.

With smartphones reaching the apogee of their development in their current form, the time is ripe for a brand new product to shake things up a bit. Could it arrive this year?

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