standard Nokia’s 3310 is back! (with some modifications)

twarren_170224_1442_A_0002.0Nostalgia lovers all across the globe can rejoice, today at MWC Nokia and HMD announced the comeback of the fan favorite indestructible Nokia 3310. The 3310 has long been the symbol of everything the old Nokia stood for, sturdy relentless build, a quirky design, and a seemingly undying battery life.

The revival of the 3310 copies the original look of the device with some slight modifications. mainly the phone is quite  a bit slimmer (but hopefully  just as indestructible), and comes with a few design tweaks as well as a slew of new fabulous colors. twarren_170224_1442_A_0010.0

The new 3310 comes with a 2.4″QVGA display, a micro SD slot, a micro USB port and even a 2 MP camera, all running the S30+ software. The 3310 comes with dual sim support, a massive battery that can give you 31 days of standby (or 22 days of talk time) and even a fresh revamp of the classic favorite Snake game. The 3310 will be available starting Q2 for roughly $50. twarren_170224_1442_A_0012.0

Pictures and story Via: TheVerge

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