standard Your self-driving Uber will have to wait… for now


Given the general negative vibe Uber has attained on the internet, from their CEO chastising drivers, to several claims of sexism; I’m sure not a whole lot of you will be upset to hear that Uber’s self driving cars have yet another road block (or should we say….. have blocked the road). The latest incident involves one of Uber’s self driving Volvo vehicles which somehow ended up on its side, after colliding with a second vehicle that failed to yield the right of way, according to the local police in Arizona where the accident occurred.

Of course in this case (as usual) the fault wasn’t with the actual technology, but due to human error in the other vehicle; regardless though the stories are sure to swarm about how an accident could be avoided if a human was behind the wheel. The struggle for self-driven vehicle’s remains, as people seem unlikely to give up the decision making ability when it comes to critical life-or-death (or even less severe) situations.

Uber have launched an investigation into the latest accident, but in the mean time have halted the self-driving cars programs in Arizona, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.



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