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comicsBeing a geek means that people will automatically follow you if they are interested in what you’re gifted in. No doubt, you will always find a segment of the population that loves what you do, and will always pursue your creativity if only you revealed it to them. And one way of gaining this exposure out there is through putting up a website. That way, you are in a better position to connect with your fans across the world.

But if you haven’t put your geeky hobby on the internet through a website, then it means that your hobby will only be categorized as one of the many geeky hobbies that need a website. Here are some other geeky hobbies that deserve an exposure through a website as opposed to other methods of promotion:

1 Digital comic

In 2007, Digital comic sales netted revenue of $1 million. 7 years later, that figure grew to $100 million. This shows that the industry is not slowing down any time soon. If you are a geek in digital comic series, you could take up this opportunity and get a slice of that pie. After creating a website, you can use it to distribute your web comic content or even sell physical copies using your site.

2 Cosplay

Cosplay is basically an activity where people celebrate their favorite TV, movie, or game characters by wearing elaborate consumes. Cosplay is now a global phenomenon, and if you are gifted in this area, you can start a website showing off your own gallery of consumes. It’s a great way to build your resume in relation to this hobby.

3 Role-Playing forums

Role-Playing has been around for a long time. In modern times, you will find many forums that are dedicated towards promoting superhero characters. These forums still need a central place from where content from different genres can be launched, and that’s where geeks need to find a website to act as a bridge between their creativity and the users who consume these digital products.

There are currently forums of this type that are using landing pages to provide this information in wiki-like format while organizing characters for a great user experience. Thankfully, it doesn’t always cost an arm and a leg to host a website of this sort. All it takes is a good hosting provider and a great theme.

4 Miniatures painting

There are many geeky hobbies that need websites to shine. Miniatures happen to fall among the greatest hobbies that people would like to consume, and one way of gain a big exposure is through having a website where geeks can show off their creativity. Having a great web gallery can quickly turn into a fulltime job if you decide to sell your top notch miniatures for a price.

5 Original fiction

Are you a writer of original fiction? You can consider using Wattpad or to gain initial exposure. But remember that you have to host this content on your website as well. It’s an emerging trend by the way. Most geeks in this area of expertise will try keeping some sort of archive on their websites.

Of course these are not the only geeky hobbies that deserve exposure through a web platform. In fact, any kind of hobby can always be taken online for some exposure.

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