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It’s simply too damn fragile, the latest victim is my glorious Surfacebook, which I love to pieces (almost literally as it appears). To be clear I have been very careful with my Surfacebook, never removing it from the house without a carrying case (I learnt after an accident involving a water bottle, my backpack and a now dead Surfacebook which was thankfully still in the last month of its warranty).

Still regardless of my new-found precaution my Surfacebook somehow has acquired a crack in the upper casing, to the left of the camera; the crack itself is in a surprising place as there obviously aren’t any signs of damage to the area, it almost looks as if it’s a stress fracture, which would be troubling. My Surfacebook however is out of warranty, and I don’t think there’s much to be done (besides monitoring the area and hoping it doesn’t get any worse.

Unfortunately it’s not just laptops that are fragile, the iPhone 7 appears to be using a weaker glass on the front panel, leading to numerous complaints of scratched screens (and camera lenses for the FFC at least). I myself had the same issue with my iPhone 7, but the Apple store were nice enough to switch it out for me.

There isn’t much of a point to this post, beyond sharing my thoughts on the fragility of our daily companions (and it’s been a while since I had the urge to post something, so I ran with it). Share your fragile tech stories below or on twitter!


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