standard Hardware And Software Tips For Improving Employee Productivity

prod-5-1200x780 (1)Successful businesses have two fundamental secrets that they hide in plain sight: they delight their customers and they hire the right talent to delight these customers. In other words: they understand the close relationship between talent and customer service.

If you want to start a successful company, start by identifying the elements of talent management systems you need to to make your business productive. After that, you can start researching talent management software that offers the features and requirements that help you hire the right talent.

Tools to Help Your Employees Do A Good Job

One simple way to get your new hires up to speed is to outfit them with the best hardware and software. When your employees have the right tools, it’s much easier for them to leverage the power of technology to help them do a better job.


Apart from desktop computers, you should look into outfitting field employees with laptops and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This enables them to work more efficiently when they are out talking to clients and making presentations, because they can access laptop data or the mobile apps they need for their assignment.


Once you identify what it is that you want your employees to achieve, you can begin to look for apps that help fulfill those objectives. You probably won’t need an app for every objective because some apps can fulfill several objectives.

5 Productivity Objectives

  1. Communicate within the business and with customers
  2. Create a coordinated team
  3. Schedule their own things to do or make appointments
  4. Monitor projects and keep track of task completion
  5. Track the time it takes to get your tasks done so you can create a realistic time frame

3 Apps for Achieving Productivity Objectives

  1. Apps for improving communication.

When it comes to communication, employees rarely have problems with oral communication. Their biggest challenge is with formal written communication. These problems can arise due to poor typing skills or from numerous spelling and grammar mistakes.

  1. Solution for poor typing skills:

Employees who have poor typing skills usually take a long time to type out a simple document because they never formally learned touch typing and need to hunt-and-peck for the right letters. They can often be seen pausing to look for the right letter. Other than providing them with a formal education on how to learn touch typing, a quick solution is to use speech recognition software. Dragon Naturally Speaking software is specifically designed to enhance documentation productivity. It allows employees to dictate what they want to say into software to make status reports, search the web, write reports, or fill out spreadsheets.

  1. Solution for proofreading documents:

Misspelled tweets by your social media manager and incorrect grammar on your blog by your staff writer don’t exactly inspire trust in an audience consuming your marketing content. These mistakes aren’t necessarily due to poor literacy skills, but are often due to simple typos or incomplete edits that leave fragments of a deleted sentence. Grammarly is an app that cleans up spelling and grammar mistakes and checks for plagiarism. This sophisticated software understands more than 250 grammar rules.

  1. Apps for building a team, scheduling, and project management.

While separate apps are available to help with building a cohesive team, improve scheduling, and help with project and task monitoring, it would be nice to have an app that offers all three types of functionality. Asana can help a team communicate clearly about where they are in a project; it can schedule out work and future work; and it can keep track of the progress of projects and task completions.

  1. Apps for tracking time.

If your key employees end each day frustrated because they didn’t get everything on their to-do list done, it’s probably because they didn’t have a clear idea of where their time was spent. Hours Time Tracking allows employees to see where they are spending the most time and this awareness allows them to figure out how they can make better use of their time.

Once you’ve identified what it is that you need from your employees to provide a high level of customer satisfaction, you can provide them with the tools they need to hit your business’ productivity objectives.

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