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pexels-photo-356042As consumers spend an estimated $1.2 million USD in online transactions every 30 seconds, it comes as no surprise that a wide set of online payment systems are actively competing for a slice of the lucrative pie. But what is it that sets the successful services apart from those that fade to the background? The answer lies with the ease-of-use, security, unique features, and availability offered by the very best.


If you’re looking for a simple and secure online payment system to transfer or request money, Neteller, PayPal, and Dwolla are excellent solutions. You’ll also find that many websites accept these same services for online payments. For instance, PokerStars Casino uses Neteller.


With over a decade of trusted business on the books, Neteller is one of the most reputable and secure online payment systems available. Merchants and consumers in over 200 countries use Neteller to transact billions of dollars each year.


Neteller allows customers to “upload” funds into their account from banks, credit and debit cards, and about 40 other sources. Once a user has the funds loaded to their account, they can conveniently pay merchants, transfer money peer-to-peer fashion to other Neteller users, or spend it anywhere MasterCard is accepted via the Neteller prepaid card.


Customers can even send money to parties not currently holding a Neteller account! The party receiving the payment will get an email indicating the transfer and providing easy instructions for opening a Neteller account. A few clicks later, their account is active and the transferred funds are immediately available.


Neteller protects users, merchants, and their funds by using the highest security standards including 128-bit encryption technology, money laundering prevention measures, identity verification, and real-time transaction monitoring.


Perhaps the most widely recognized online payment system by name, PayPal has come a long way since its early days as “the way to pay for stuff on eBay”. With millions of users transferring hundreds of millions of dollars daily, this platform has rightfully earned trust from around the globe.


One of the most appealing aspects of PayPal is the ease of check-out it allows customers at participating online merchant sites. Users simply link their favorite credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts to their PayPal account and provide an optional shipping address. When a user selects to pay with PayPal at the time of check-out, his or her account details and shipping address are automatically filled into the site, saving time and making payment a breeze.


PayPal also offers one of the best consumer guards in the business with Purchase Protection. Users who buy an item with PayPal but fail to receive the item or get something significantly different are eligible for reimbursement of the purchase and shipping costs if the mishap is reported within 60 days.


Founded in 2010, Dwolla is one of the newer online payment systems to gain traction in the marketplace. The company brings an interesting two-prong approach with its services model–users can conduct traditional peer-to-peer money transfers and fund requests by email, and businesses may leverage Dwolla’s platform as their backend account verification and payment processing system. The easy integration offered by the latter model features shopping cart plugins for a number of the internet’s most powerful ecommerce platforms. This means customers often make transactions powered by Dwolla without even realizing it!


Dwolla is also unique for its role as one of the pioneers in enabling money transfers via social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. A benefit customers love is the way Dwolla has streamlined many of the burdensome technicalities involved with online money transfers. Users can often complete the withdrawal-to-deposit process faster than many services relying on a standard two to three day window for clearance.


Dwolla had around 500,000 users at last count, but expect that number to quickly climb as the company continues to disrupt the landscape of online payments.


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