standard Everything You Want in a Lightsaber (Besides the Kyber Crystal)

Fans of Star Wars are almost universally guilty of the following during their school days: rather than pay attention to the teacher give the lesson, they were nose-down in a notebook sketching out their dream lightsaber. Given the narrow nature of the fictional weapon, it’s almost as if that border to the left of the red line on the paper exists solely for devising the perfect lightsaber design. Where should the grip go? What about the activation button and adjustment knobs? Let’s not even get started on the deliberation involved in choosing the right blade color.

It might be 20 years too late to seize on those penciled and personalized prototypes, but the ability to own the ideal lightsaber has finally arrived. Furthermore, thanks to having a grown-up job and salary versus the part-time store stocking of youth, these custom lightsabers can be purchased without spending a month’s wages. While they still lack the ability to cut through virtually any material in the known galaxy, potential owners no doubt lack the abilities required of a Jedi Knight or Sith Lord, so we can call it even.

The hardest part about owning a personalized lightsaber virtually indistinguishable from those in the movies is settling on a specific design. Unlike the more bizarre examples of Star Wars merchandise available for sale in the galaxy, the choice to buy a custom lightsaber is not made for mere novelty and curiosity. It represents a certain commitment to Star Wars fandom, of which the franchise is famous for generating. Therefore it’s easy to see why finalizing one’s lightsaber replica is no simple task.

We found the following method particularly effective for deciding on the perfect lightsaber design reflective of one’s inner Kenobi or Maul:

Single Blade or Double Blade

With the arrival of Kylo Ren and his broadsword-style three-pronged lightsaber, a third option is likely on the way. But for now, those lusting after a customized lightsaber to call their own can begin their quest for a final design by choosing between single blade or double blade.

For those willing to remember, one of the few redeeming qualities of The Phantom Menace was the introduction Darth Maul and his double bladed lightsaber. Do we see a trend developing? If there’s a deviation from the single blade it seems to always be someone working from the dark side of the fence.

Bottomline: Those preferring a Jedi lightsaber probably want to stick with single blade, while those drawn to the Dark Side have precedent for upgrading to double. However, there’s nothing wrong with going against the galactic grain here.

Jedi or Sith

While the number of blades is a debatable factor in determining the owner’s allegiance to the Jedi Order or the Sith, the prominent coloring of the hilt is a little more stringent in terms of traditional alignment. In short, lightsaber hilts which are dark are, as one could guess, associated with the dark side of the Force, whereas those which are predominantly chrome-like are typically carried by the Jedi and their associates.

However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear most lightsaber designs include a combination of matte black and shiny chrome. It’s a matter of which dominates the majority of the hilt – those spotting a mostly dark-colored hilt will no doubt assume its owner is Sith, whereas those observing an individual carrying one with the inverse look will deduce that person is Jedi.

So, if you prefer a more sinister looking lightsaber, the choice is clear. Same goes for those preferring someone with a more noble sheen.

Standard or Deluxe

The aforementioned is only part of why lightsabers are determined to be the best weapon ever featured in a film as determined by over 2,000 polled movie fans in 2008. As nearly anyone knows, even those who don’t know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, the most recognizable feature of the lightsaber is the color variety of the blade.

Originally, blue, red, and green were the only colors available. Nowadays, the options are nearly endless and this includes replicas. In fact, today’s state-of-the-art customized lightsabers include internal workings and computerized augmentation, which enables users to change the color of the blade by simply syncing the replica weapon to their desktop.

So, if unable to decide on blade color (as is often the case) opt for a deluxe upgrade and change the color whenever preferred.

Rare is the Star Wars fan who didn’t daydream about what their lightsaber would look like. Now is their chance to make that daydream as much a reality as possible.

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