standard Amazon Prime Video finally arrives for Apple TV

DKalrmFV4AA05lLFinally! After nearly 6 months since being promised (and many months of waiting), the Amazon Prime Video streaming app is finally available to download and enjoy on Apple Tv’s/tvOS. The new app is only compatible with 3rd gen Apple TV’s, and should also include the unified universal search on the Apple TV Home screen.Screenshot_2017_12_06_13.08.35_preview

The release of the Amazon Video app for Apple TV marks an important milestone in the Apple-Amazon relationship, Amazon in the past have refused to sell the Apple TV, since it didn’t support their own streaming platform; Apple on the other-hand and notorious for taking a large share of the sales of all movies and digital content, meaning Amazon would have to shell out a portion of all their sales to Apple. Shortly after the announcement of the Apple TV 4K, in which Apple promised that the Amazon Video App would be on the way soon, Amazon began selling Apple TV’s on their marketplace, but inexplicably pulled them back a few weeks later.

Regardless of the details of the feud, I’m thrilled to have Amazon Video integrated into the Apple TV, as it truly does help  bring my streaming apps to one neat package, without the need to switch between services/platforms.


Anyone else excited?


Via: TheVerge

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