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The rapid technological advancement has led to the situation, when it’s extremely difficult to detect fraudulent schemes. This is a very pressing problem for gambling facilities (especially land-based), since fraudsters, “armed” with the latest technological and scientific discoveries, can easily take advantage of a dealer or cheat a video slot. By the way, anyone can try to make profit legally at virtual gambling establishments using special offers from gambling operators.

Here’re several stories about how gadgets helped fraudsters in their evil intents.

“Spy gadgets” to help strangers to hit the jackpot in a Czech casino

This story is about a group of foreigners, who hit the casino jackpot – 111 000 Crones – with the help of a micro camera and earbud.

4 plotters took their operation very seriously and thought through their plan carefully. First, they booked a hotel room in the center of the city. They chose the suit with windows open into right the casino. This was an integral part of their plan, as it helped to maintain stable video and audio transmission.

Two men set out to play Caribbean Poker. One of them had a micro camera and earbud. The camera glass looked like a button on his shirt. The device itself together with the battery and transmitter were hidden on the man’s belt. The other person was equipped with an earbud.

Both men entered the casino with fake passports and joined poker table. When the game started, the rest of their team were watching signals from video camera to understand, what cards were dealt to the players and dealer himself. Each time they obtained this information, they told the person with an earbud, directions, how to play in certain situations.

The casino managers grew suspicious only after both foreigners won 111 000 Crones at halves. According to, only then they called the security and police.

“One of the fraudsters was detected of questionable behavior. He always tried to suspend the game, always changed his position on the chair, – later we found it, it was done deliberately, to give his accomplices a better transmission,” – shared Jiri Tobias – spokesman of the Metropolitan Police Department. The police officers checked the sharper and found spy gadgets in his clothes”.

Meanwhile another fraudster left the casino and headed to the room, where the law officials eventually suspended him. Before they came, the man had managed to throw away the earbud in the trash bin. Another two co-conspirators managed to slip away from the police. Anyways, they were taken in 24 hours later. As a result of searches, Czech detectives found fake passports and about 500 000 Crones in cash.

Investigators are inclined to think that the group succeeded with the scheme in other local casinos. Earlier before some gambling facilities banned the two men, who were sitting in the room, from entry.

Fraudsters from Russia reported to cheat on Uruguayan casino with the help of spy gadgets

Russian tourists were very well-known in a casino in a town of Punta del Este. These foreigners managed to hit the jackpot so many times! First, locals believed it was sheer luck. But it later turned out, that Russian used advanced technologies to win. Fraudsters used Wi-Fi to get information about their rivals.

So, the idea was very simple: one of the group used to sit at the poker table literally with a “card up sleeve” (the camera was pinned to the jacket closer to the elbow). So, the man equipped with camera used to tell his co-conspirator followed the cards dealt by the dealer from his apartment. After he analyzed the cards, he used to tell his partner (who also carried an earbud) about all possible combinations.

The security service immediately spotted suspicious foreigners. But first, they had to keep them under observation for a while to collect evidence. After the security team did it, they called the police, who took in the dishonest gamblers.

Keith Taft and his fraudulent scheme with a gadget involved in 1970

Keith Taft is a real computer genius, who dedicated 30 years of his life to the design of electronic devices, which could help their owners to take advantage of the casino.

In 1970 Keith together with his son created the first black-jack computer to count cards. The computer was attached to the belt, was called George and was one of the most advanced and high-end portable devices of those times.

Unfortunately, the computer was far from perfect. He ended up to be too awkward-to-handle, used 4 controllers, which were put into specially refashioned shoes. With his toes, players could press the code of the card dealt. This information is transmitted to the computer, which gave advice, how to act next. The signal was transmitted in the form of successive specks in the specially constructed glasses.

Later in 1976, the device was improved and renamed into “David”.

“David” helped his owners to win $ 40 000 within its first week of operation.

But this wasn’t the end for the adventures of the father and his son; they decided to crank the device up and sold them for $ 10 000 each.

In 1977 Taft’s son was suspended, but then released, because no one could figure out, how the device worked.

There was another device, developed by Keith Tart – Belly Telly – a mini camera implemented into the buckle, so that it could fix dealer’s cards.

In 1985, when the Nevada state officially introduced the ban on all the computer devices within gambling facilities, Keith quitted playing black jack. In 2004 Mr. Taft was appointed an honorable member of the Black Jack hall of Fame. Unfortunately, in 2006 Keith Taft – the program genius – passed away.


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