standard Quick Look: the iPhone X

DSC09445 So long story short I got the iPhone X. I had an iPhone 7 with a pretty badly cracked screen, and was planning on swapping out the  battery to fix the slow-down problems, but then the X fell into my lap.

Quick thought: This thing is gorgeous, seriously so. The notch isn’t ugly in my opinion, it’s pretty damn cool; and I like it (I’m sure many people disagree with me). It took me about two hours to get used to the lack of a home button, and I really don’t miss it at all; the task switcher is really pretty; but it seems like Apple doesn’t want anyone to get into the habit of compulsively closing all background apps; so they’ve added a couple more steps to the process (you have to open the task switcher- by swiping upwards, then long press on any app; only then can you begin to swipe them away); but according to them you really shouldn’t be killing these background apps anyways.DSC09446 The camera is pretty impressive, but I haven’t had a chance to really put it to the test; at a quick overview though it does look like the colors are a little more saturated than older versions (giving it the faker but more appealing look).

A quick word about Face-ID; it’s really cool; and I love the ease of it, especially when using it for passwords, Apple Pay etc; the default notifications feature on the iPhone X is set to hide the notification information,until Face ID detects your face, at which point the private data on the notification screen is revealed  (from “iMessage: 2 new messages”, to “XXX: Hey how’s it going”); which is pretty cool, especially since it’s a passive unlock that will usually have the phone unlocked by the time you raise it to reading level. DSC09449 DSC09450 DSC09451 DSC09452 DSC09440 DSC09434 DSC09435


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