standard Apple’s next iPhone might be a lot cheaper than the iPhoneX


Although it seems way to early to begin to speculate about what the next iPhone might look like, and certainly way too early to think what it might cost, especially since we still haven’t seen the recently leaked gold iPhone X, which recently showed up in an FCC filing leak. Nonetheless a recent leak from a KGI analyst on MacRumors, states that the upcoming iPhone models of 2018 might be a significant amount cheaper than the iPhone X which launched at a whopping $1000, before taxes, and any storage upgrades; which with the largest storage variant can cap out at $1149 ( plus taxes of course).

According to the rumors there are at least three variants said to be in the works, a 6.1 inch iPhone, as well as a 5.8 inch successor to the the iPhone X, and a 6.3 inch iPhone X Plus style phone. The good news however is that the 6.1 inch iPhone is stated to be a successor of sorts to the short lived iPhone SE, which was a fan favorite for many, not just because of it’s cheaper price-tag, but also due to it’s familiar and comfortable form factor, without really compromising on performance  much, still being fully capable of taking some great photos, answering emails, and even getting in the occasional online casino BGO; all while having access to Apple’s two most valuable commodities, its app store, and iMessage.

The single SIM variant is said to cost anywhere between $550 and $650 (that range converts to about £390-£460 or AU$710-AU$840), while the dual-SIM variant is said to cost $650 to $750 (about £460-£530 or AU$840-AU$970), according to the note.

The upcoming 6.1 inch phone is rumored to come in both dual SIM and single SIM variants, starting at $550 and possible capping at $750 for the dual SIM version, which is quite a high asking price for a phone that wouldn’t even be the flagship device. Unfortunately it seems that the ~$1000 price range has become the new norm for flagship devices, with the “sub flagship phone” clocking in in the high $500’s, a price range that was considered too high for most phones besides iPhones and the flagship Galaxy device a short few years ago. The other issue of concern is that for what might end up being a “mid range” phone,  6.1 inches seems quite large, versus the original iPhone SE which was only 4 inches (which was probably one of the most attractive features of the SE to buyers, after the cheaper price tag).

So what do you think, would you buy a 6.1 inch “mid-range” iPhone?



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