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A few months ago I decided to spoil myself and splurge for an Xbox One X, my reasoning to myself, besides the fact that I just wanted one, was that I already had a 4K TV (a curved one), and I might as well get the most out of it. So on a whim I looked for an Xbox One X console for sale on Facebook, and was lucky enough to find a brand new (open box) unit for sale nearby, I jumped on the deal and snagged it for $425, along with 3 months of Xbox Unlimited games, and Forza 7.
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After giving away my original Xbox One to my brother I set up the new console and dove right into the game I was looking forward to most, Assassins Creed Origins. I chose to play this game first (and sat on it for a few weeks until I had gotten the Xbox One X) so that I could enjoy it all its 4K glory, and I’m glad I did. The graphics are nothing short of amazing (even when trying to get a close up of your camels butt) but most impressive of all are the quick load screens, gone are the days of putting down the controller to squeeze in a quick bathroom break between cut scenes, or after you die; the longest load times I experienced through out the whole game were probably less than 30 seconds.

Sure I will grant you that if you’re looking for the AAA exclusive titles experience than the PS4 is probably the better choice for you, but for more casual gamers, (especially patient gamers such as myself, who would rather pay $20 for a 6 month old game, vs $60 for a release date game) than the Xbox One (and the One X) are certainly a great choice. Of course you can always supplement your console gaming experience with more options such as the classic mobile games like Clash of Clans, or Age of Gods.

Most people try to argue that the PS4 is probably the better console, and not to waste my money on the Xbox One X, however given that I already own several Xbox One Games, as well as the backwards compatibility bringing plenty of low cost high entertainment yield games to my living room screen it definitely makes more sense to me. Sure the Xbox doesn’t have as many exclusives as the PS4, like the newly released God of War, or Uncharted, but there are still plenty of eye-pleasing 4K games to play, including Forza 7 which has some incredible game play shots and overall very satisfying driving simulation experience.

Personally I definitely don’t regret buying the One X, although once it’s parked beneath the TV table the UI and overall skin feel almost the same as the much older original Xbox One, the gaming experience is much more satisfying and fluid.

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