standard New WP 8.1 Lockscreen (beta) Coming as Soon as Next Week

wp81lockscreenBack at Build 2o14 Microsoft announced some new lockscreen apps for WP 8.1, that bring more customization and personalization to phones. Today Belfiore tweeted that the Beta version of these might be available for WP 8.1 users on 1 Gb devices as soon as next week

Belfiore stated that the app hit “some snags” but hopefully that’s all been sorted out, and we can see it soon enough; for what it’s worth Belfiore has been accurate in his time frames when promising updates and releases over Twitter.


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  • Tom

    who cares

    • NEP

      I do, can’t wait…..
      Love the first one

    • Johnny #6

      You must not be fun to be around.

  • Brian

    good been waiting for this since build hop they have some good ones